Prepagos y eventos


  • Settings explained
  • Promotion and description
  • Period
  • Min guests
  • Types and priority
  • Dining room
  • How to require payment
  • Menu file, show full information
  • How to request a deposit for phone reservations
  • How to know if a guest has paid
  • How to turn off the “No special offer” option

Settings explained


Name of event (this will be shown on the booking widget)


This information will be sent with either the confirmation or pending for payment email. Here you can add your cancellation policy, explain how the prepayment will work, and include more information about the event.


The date of the event or time period that you require a prepayment (for example, every Friday and Saturday).

For a one time event, for example, Valentine’s Day, you need to select a period from 2021-02-14 to 2021-02-14.

If you only require prepayment during dinner time, for example from 18:00, then at the bottom of the page you will find Valid by weekday, where you can select a day and time. For example, the event date 2021-02-14, which is a Friday, so you would need to click on Friday and set the time from 18:00.

If the event is repeated every Friday and Saturday: select the period from 2020-03-30 to 2020-12-31, then select Friday and Saturday, followed by the time

Min guests

This option is created to request prepayments for groups of more than X people.

To take prepayment for groups, please specify the minimum number of guests.

For example, if you wish to take prepayment for five or more guests, please add a number 5.

When you wish to take prepayment from all guests, please leave this gap empty.

Offer type

Select the offer type. The prepayment function works for all offer types, the only difference is the image displayed.

  • Special offer – call bell
  • Discount available – X%
  • Special event – martini glass
  • Deposit needed – Euro symbol (this is a default symbol and cannot be changed)

Dining room

This feature will give an opportunity to charge different fees for different dining areas.

For example you can charge different fees for indoor and outdoor tables. If you want to take the same fee for all your restaurant tables – chose all areas for one fee.


Number 1 is the highest priority.
Only the offer with the highest priority is shown on the main booking widget page. If there is only one available offer, priority won’t affect it.

Pay online

Turn Off

the offer will be shown, but payment will not be required. When a guest chooses an offer, they will receive confirmation notification. (Please use this for promotions, degustation menus)

Turn On

System will require payment from guest.
Select how many hours you are willing to hold reservation on pending status (while you wait for the payment). If the payment is not done in X hours, the reservation is cancelled automatically and the guest will receive a cancellation email.
Enter the Price per guest and select your preferred currency (system automatically multiplies this by number of guests). Turn on “Require payment” if payment is required.

If you use prepayments, please select payment method (Paypal, Stripe, Paypal) to Integrations and fill your details.

If you cannot find your currency, please contact us by email [email protected]

Menu file

Provide detailed information on your special offer, event, or limited-time menu with a customised PDF that is accessible in your widget. The PDF will be displayed on your widget near the offer selection and will open in a new tab.

How to request a deposit for phone reservations

  • Open the Calendar or Floor plan
  • Create a new reservation (by dragging right to set duration / or use a button)
  • Fill out all of the fields – number of guests, time, name, phone number, email address. Capturing the email address is a must as prepayment details will be sent to this address
  • Choose the relevant Special offer from the dropdown menu
  • Change booking status to Pending
  • Click Save


The customer will automatically be sent an email with the prepayment details.

Note: If you click Save before changing the status to Pending, please reopen the reservation, change the status to Pending and tick the “Re-send” box.

How to know if a guest has paid

Until the prepayment for the reservation is not paid for, the reservation will remain yellow, under Pending status.

When the guest has paid:

  • Reservation status automatically changes from pending to confirmed
  • Paid amount appears on reservation window
  • Date payment was received will be displayed on reservation timeline


Note: The paid amount will only appear when the guest has paid for their reservation through the Tablein system.

If the guest pays by cash, please manually change the status from pending to confirmed and add the amount paid and any other details to the comment field.

If the guest doesn’t pay within X hours (depends on your offer settings), the reservation is automatically cancelled.

How to turn off the “No special offer” option

You can now request that your customer selects one of your special offers when they make a reservation.

Alternatively, you can make the offer selection optional and allow them access to your normal daily menu instead.

Whatever you choose, you can Turn offer On/Off Show “No special offer”

Click Save