User Accounts


  • Why you need to create staff accounts
  • How to add new users
  • How to change staff members and delete accounts
  • How to change the manager’s email

Why you need to create staff accounts

As a manager, only you can set up and manage all system settings and access your customer database. However, you will need to create one or several staff accounts for your staff members, so that they are able to operate the reservations system.

Staff accounts are limited-access accounts:

  • Users can only take, review or manage bookings
  • Users can block online bookings for a single day via the Calendar or Floor plan, but cannot block a period
  • Users have access to the guest list, but cannot download the database
  • Users have access to the reservation and feedback lists
  • With your permission, users can review reports
  • Users cannot change your system settings

How to add new users

  • Open your settings
  • Open User Accounts from the sidebar menu
  • Click Add New User button on the bottom of the page
  • You can create accounts with one email and a password, either for each member of staff that needs access or for the entire shift.
  • Write all names separated with commas, then click add to apply the names
  • If you have more than one restaurant location, you can select which restaurants will be available for each user
  • Select the language for their account
  • Save


When waiters manually add a new reservation, they can choose their name from the list. This way you’re able to identify who made the reservation, should there be any queries.

How to edit staff members and delete accounts

If a member of staff leaves your restaurant permanently, simply click “Cancel” user from the staff list.

If the user had a shared account, we recommend also changing the password to ensure system security.

  • Open Staff Account settings
  • Click “Edit” user
  • Remove the name from the list and add a new name if necessary
  • Add a new password
  • Re-enter your new password again to ensure it is correct
  • Save

How to change the manager’s email

Only one user can have access to the system’s full settings. To change the main log in email address or password, please go to Account Settings.