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Customer Story

Ristorante Piccola Italia, Lithuania

We had a poor database of client emails and had not taken opportunities of free email marketing which was preventing our restaurant from obtaining the desired client flow.

The Problem​

Lack of Efficient Marketing Solutions That Would Reach Our Target Audience

  • Our marketing tactics just weren’t efficient enough. We had news, promotions and special offers, but they weren’t reaching our target client base.
  • Email marketing is one of the most popular and efficient direct online marketing channels. We were willing to try it, but our email database was too scarce to make it worthwhile. We were taking table reservations by phone and were rarely able to obtain personal email addresses.
  • We weren’t using any email marketing app, so our email database was really poor.
The Solution

Data Collection Alongside the Online Reservation

We didn’t have any way of reaching our target audience so we started using Tablein reservation system. Accepting bookings online is not only flexible, convenient, and guaranteed, but also collects the clients contact information (when they agree to the terms and conditions and provide their personal email). We immediately noticed that we had access to a much larger email database. Not only that, but all of these people were already qualified as potential customers and interested in our restaurant! We quickly put together some attention-grabbing newsletter signup forms and promoted them on Facebook and offline. We also organised a regular newsletter with our restaurants’ news, promotions and special offers, that was sent out automatically to our clients.

The Result

Cost-Effective and Efficient Online Marketing

  • We now have over 8.000 email addresses from our clients, who have already visited our restaurant. Yes, clients, and not just a random email base!
  • After we send a newsletter with a compelling offer and visible “Book now” button, we are getting fully booked in less than 30 minutes. It also costs us less than 10 minutes of our time.
  • As our email conversions are really high, we don’t need to spend any money on other marketing channels so we’re saving a lot of money.
  • It’s evident that regular communication with our potential clients is continuously increasing the client flow, and therefore the revenue.
  • We have noticed that our circle of loyal guests is ever expanding. This is extremely important to us as we know that returning guests are vital to the success of any business.

Top Tips by Ristorante Piccola Italia

  • Ask clients to book online in every marketing message – when they book online, they must leave their email.
  • Give away a free dinner every week for those who signup to receive your newsletter.
  • Ask your guests to leave their dates of birth when they signup and later send them (automatic) emails with offers to celebrate their birthday in your restaurant.
  • Send your newsletter regularly (at least once a week) to keep your clients informed and your restaurant in their mind’s eye.
  • The most effective email template involves just one clear message and one CTA with a button “Book a table online NOW”.

Ristorante Piccola Italia experience sounds familiar? Take all the benefits that email marketing has to provide in 2020 by implementing advanced Tablein system in your restaurant management.

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