Floor plan


  • How to add a new reservation with button
  • How to see capacity and booked tables
  • Buttons explained
  • Reservation window explained
  • How to select more tables or people for reservation
  • Reservation statuses
  • Walk-ins and how to add 
  • How to block tables
  • How to edit tables
  • How to view floor plan on a mobile phone or smaller tablet

How to add a new reservation with a button

  • Select a day
  • Click on the Booking button (found at the top of the page)
  • Select the Number of Guests from the numbers in the top left of the page.
    If the reservation is for more than 10 people, please use the dropdown to select a larger number. You can also change the number in the reservation window (no limits)
  • Select Start & End Times from the dropdown menus. After selecting the start time, the available end times will display in a second dropdown menu.
  • Click on available tables to select them, then click Confirm. If confirm button doesn’t appear, it means you need to select more tables. Red tables are occupied. 
  • In the pop-up, add the guest’s information and check that the details of the reservation are correct.
  • Save the reservation.

How to see capacity and booked tables

Booked tables on a Floor plan changes every time slot. The system shows the current time. If you want to overview the upcoming days, it shows the earlier hour.

To overview capacity, you need to click on the preferred time on the timeline.

Grey tables – available tables
Blue/green – booked 
Violet – walk-in
Red – blocked

All-day reservations are listed on the sidebar, click to open an overview it. 


Buttons explained

From left to right:

  • Booking – add a new reservation (don’t forget to select a day first)
  • Walk-in – receive a guest without a reservation
  • Stop – block tables (neither online or phone reservations are possible)
  • Block – Block online bookings for selected times (phone reservations still available)
  • Notes – Add a note for your staff (note button will turn red when there is a note below the calendar)
  • Print – Print reservation list
  • List – Expand sidebar with full reservation list

Reservation window explained

  • Booking history – customer’s total number of reservations, including cancelled bookings, no shows, and last visit
  • Status – change reservation status to cancel reservation or change to pending
  • Send confirmation by – select what type of confirmation you want to send. Please note, if SMS notifications are off, even if SMS is selected here, guest won’t receive SMS notification
  • Language – select notification language
  • Waiters – select a name from the dropdown list so that you know who added the notification (Staff accounts)
  • Guests – number of guests. If more than 10 guests, add a number manually to the field
  • Time – the date is selected automatically, but if you need to change the time, select start or end time from the dropdown menu
  • Table – select a table from the dropdown menu
  • Special offer – select an offer from the list. These options can be created in Offers
  • Reservation tags -These tags are specific to a particular visit. They are applied to a specific visit only and do not appear in a guest’s future bookings. Click on +Tag to Add or Edit Tags and click Enter (keyboard) to confirm Tag.
  • Reservation comment – if you need to add more details about a reservation
  • Phone number – guest mobile phone number and ID. Do not use the same phone numbers for different reservations. You can also turn off “required phone number” and add a reservation without a number
  • Name – guest name and surname
  • Email – email address
  • Guest tags -These tags are specific to each guest. Guest Tags are saved in the guest profile and will be attached to that guest across all future bookings.
  • Guest notes – information about the guest can be added here and is saved in the guest profile, remaining attached to that guest across all future bookings.
  • Average rating – guest lifetime ratings average

How to select more tables for reservation

If you need to book a whole dining area, restaurant, or select more tables:

  • Start a new reservation
    Click on Table to expand the dropdown
  • Select tables from a list
  • To book all tables in dining area, click a checkbox near the area name
  • To book all tables, at the bottom check “Select all tables”
  • Fill remaining details
  • Save

Reservation statuses

  • Confirmed – Booking has been confirmed. (Blue colour)
  • Arrived – Booking status changes automatically when reservation begins (Green colour). If you prefer to change this status manually only when the guest arrives, turn off the “Auto-arrival” status in your settings.
  • Blocked – if you don’t want to accept bookings for specific tables and times, you can block tables. (Red colour).
  • Cancelled – Guest has requested to cancel their reservation. After cancellation, the booking will simply disappear from your calendar. Your guest will also receive a cancellation email. (disappears from Calendar)
  • No Show – if a guest fails to arrive, please mark the booking as a No Show. All no shows are indicated in your guest history, allowing you greater control over the bookings you choose to accept or decline. (Red Colour)
  • Pending – Booking is waiting for confirmation. (Yellow colour). The system also uses this status for payments. Until reservation is paid for, it remains in pending status.
  • Template – Adding a template allows your customers to book through the online widget directly for pre-selected periods only). (Grey colour)
  • Walk in – guest without reservation.

Walk ins

Walk ins – a guest without a reservation. You can add these guests for your statistics. This reservation doesn’t require adding a guest name or phone number, only the number of guests.

How to add a walk-in reservation with a button?

  • Click on the + button.
  • Select reservation status walk in
  • Select the Number of Guests.
  • Select Start & End Times for the reservation.
  • Select Table from those available, then Confirm.
  • Save

How to release a table?

  • Click on walk-in reservation
  • Change reservation end time to the nearest time slot.

Block tables

Blocking a table prevents it from being booked online and by phone.

How to block tables with a button?

  • Click on the + button.
  • Change status to Blocked
    Select the Start & End Times you want the table(s) to be blocked.
  • Select available Table(s) then click Confirm.
  • Save

How to create more tables or edit?

All tables are created in Table Management Settings.

After you save changes in Table Management, all tables will be updated on the Floor plan too.

  • Open Table Management
  • Select the area where you want to add more tables or edit
  • Add the tables and then click save
  • You can also edit your tables here – for example, the booking name, number of people, and booking length
  • After you have created your tables, go back to your Floor Plan Setup and drag the new tables to your floor plan
    (tab this sections forward)
  • Please double-check the sidebar to ensure that all tables have been placed onto the floor plan.

How to view floor plan on a mobile phone or smaller tablet

In the mobile version, the system displays a list of reservations.

If you want to see the full system view, you need to switch the mobile version to the desktop version.

How to view desktop version of a site on Android or Chrome browser:

  • Visit the site app.tablein.com and log in
  • Then select Menu (three dots on the bottom corner)
  • And select “Request desktop site” from a list. 

How to view desktop version of a site on IOS or Safari browser:



  • Visit the site app.tablein.com and log in
  • Tap on the “Aa” on the left side of the URL address bar  
  • And select “Request desktop site” from a list.