Guest list


  • About your guest list
  • How to edit guest details
  • What are guest notes?
  • How to download the guest database

About your guest list

To help you and your staff learn more about your guests quickly, we’ve added some useful indicators to the reservation information. Now you’ll be able to learn, at-a-glance, the critical information you need to adjust your service for specific guests.

Tablein saves guests by phone number, using their phone number like an ID. For this reason, please DO NOT use the same phone number for different people. If you cannot ask for a guest’s phone, it is better to leave a phone number field empty.
When you add a phone number or name to a search field, all information about the guest appears.

Our system allows you to seach for a guest by phone number, name, or company name.

We also display their total number of visits, canceled reservations, no-shows, their last visit date and average feedback score.

How to edit guest details

To find a specific guest, it is best to enter their phone number in the search box.

You can also search for guests by:

  • Name
  • Email address


When you find a guest, click on it to pop-up a new window, change the information and click Save.

What are guest notes?

These notes are specific to each guest. Guest notes are saved in the guest profile, remaining attached to that guest across all future bookings.

All information is saved by phone number.

Popularly used guest notes include whether the guest is a vegan or vegetarian, a blogger or critic, employee, friend of the owner, a regular, VIP, if they are blacklisted, or have allergies.

How to add guest notes:

  • When adding/editing a reservation, you’ll find the guest notes section in the right-hand column of the reservation window
  • When making a new booking, click on Reservation, add notes, you can also mark guest as a VIP and it will help at a glance to see your most important guests, and then save the reservation
  • To add or edit guest notes to a guest’s profile, open your guest list, search for the guest and click on their name
  • Edit the information and click Save

How to download the guest database

The guest database can be downloaded from manager’s account only.

  • Open your guest list
  • On the top right-hand corner, click on the “Export clients” button
  • Your database will automatically begin downloading within 3-5 seconds, to your computer
  • The database is exported as a .csv file and you can open it with MS Sheets or IOS numbers


Information is set out in columns:

  • Phone number
  • Subscribed Email – clients who have requested to receive a newsletter from you
  • Unsubscribed email – clients who didn’t check the checkbox for a newsletter Client’s name
  • Date registered – when they made their first reservation
  • Average feedback rating
  • Guest tags
  • Visits – total number of visits
  • Country of origin
  • Guest notes