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  • About your reservation list
  • How to find a reservation and edit it
  • How to check reservations by period
  • How to sort reservations
  • How to print out reservations

About your reservation list

To overview all your reservations, please open “Guest list – Reservation list”.The reservation list contains all of the reservation requests for your restaurant and allows you to search for previous or upcoming bookings by the guest’s name and/or booking ID.

On the list you can see, among other options, how many seats were booked, whether the customer arrived, and whether reservations have been canceled previously.

We also included information about the guest, such as their email, phone number, average feedback rating, and tags.
By default, we show the most recent reservations. To find reservations by date, please select a date or period or sort your reservations by criteria.

How to find a reservation and edit it

To find a specific reservation, it is best to enter the reservation number in the search box.

You can also search for reservations by:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address


When you find the reservation you want, click on it to pop-up the reservation window, change the information and click save.

How to overview reservations by period

If you wish to overview weekend reservations or check a custom period:

  • Click on date selection in the top right-hand corner
  • Select date or period
  • If you want to change the selection, click reset and then select a new date
  • Click Apply

How to sort reservations

Tablein offers the ability to sort your reservation list based on different criteria that make it easier for you to see who is coming in, your canceled reservations, no-shows, and latest reservations.

Click on:

  • Reservation – to show your reservation list in order of time along with the date the reservation was made. By default, the system shows the most recent reservations first
  • Visit by reservation date – one click sorts reservations from the latest date or two clicks from the first date
  • Status – to sort your reservations by status, whether it be confirmed, arrived, canceled, no-show, or pending


You can also filter reservations by:

  • Tag
  • Status

How to print out reservations

When you need to save or print the reservations list on a piece of paper

  • Open your Reservation list
  • Select the date or period which you would like to print
  • Click on Visit to sort reservations by visiting time (one click from the last reservation or two clicks from the earliest reservation)
  • Click on the Print icon
    A print preview window will appear
  • Select whether you want to open the file as a PDF or send it straight to the printer
  • You can also rotate your page or minimize the list on your printer settings