• Feedback list
  • Where can I see latest feedback
  • How to turn on/off feedback request
  • How to require to leave a feedback comment

Feedback list

The Client Feedback feature allows you to discover each guest’s experience at your restaurant.

Tablein sends a request to the customer the day after their visit asking them for their feedback. Clients can rate Food, Service, Ambience, Cleanliness with a sliding scale of 1 to 10 stars, as well as offer individual comments about their experience.

This information allows you to improve the quality of every aspect of your service.

It is organised into to your Feedback List, where you can view:

• Client Feedback from their last visit

• The average ratings given by each guest over all visits

For a detailed breakdown of a client’s ratings into categories—food, service, ambience and cleanliness, all rated out of 10 stars—hover the cursor over the overall star rating.

Where can I see the latest feedback

You can receive an email – add your email address to notifications “Send feedback email to”, more addresses separate with a comma

A list of recent reviews is listed at the bottom of your summary page

You can find full list at Guest book – Feedback


How to turn on/off feedback request

To receive customer feedback, simply turn on Send Feedback Request:

  • Open your settings
  • From the left side menu open notification
  •  Turn on/off SMS for client: Feedback sms and “Send feedback request email to client”
  • If reservation is added with an email address, system won’t send sms message, only email. SMS request is send only when reservation is added without an email address
If you want to get new feedback email or send it to more recipients, add email addresses separated with a comma to “Send feedback notifications to”

How to require to leave a feedback comment

Sometimes when a guest leaves a bad evaluation and does not leave any comment and then have to guess what was wrong or re-contact with the customer.

With Tablein you can choose to request to leave a comment if the average of the evaluation is less than X.

  • Go to your settings
  • Open Booking Settings – Options
  • Turn on “Comment required”
  • Choose when the system has to require to leave a comment.

In this case, if the average is less than X, your guest must leave a comment, otherwise, he cannot send the feedback.