Calendar/Floor plan settings

Required phone number

This only affects phone reservations. For online reservations phone is a must.
PLEASE NOTE! Do not use same phone number for different reservations. It is better to add reservation without phone number.


Auto arrival status

When it is off, staff manually has to change status from confirmed to arrived. If this option is OFF, status changes automatically when time comes and they have only to change to “no-show” if client didn’t arrive within 15 minutes or more.


Remove “No-shows” from calendar

Select if you want to display no-show reservations on your calendar. 



  • Requirement to add phone number
  • Auto arrival status
  • Remove no-shows from the calendar

Requirement to add phone number

You can require your staff to add guest’s phone number when booking, not just their name.

Please note! Tablein system saves guests by phone number, so it is better to add reservation without phone number instead using fake or restaurant’s phone number.

If you require to add phone number, please make sure, that staff will ask for a number.

This option doesn’t affect online reservations. A phone number is always a must when booking online.

Auto arrival status

Auto arrival status helps to save you or your staff time, because reservation status and starting time of booking changes automatically to arrived and you only need to manually change the status to “no-show” if client didn’t arrive. 

When status is arrived, guests will get feedback email the following day. If this status stays at confirmed, email is not sent and guest’s history is not updated.

If Auto arrival status is OFF, your staff has manually change status for every reservation when guest arrives or doesn’t show.

Here’s how to control auto arrival status:

  • Open User accounts, find the option Turn off auto arrival status:
  • Toggle to left if you want to control status manually
  • Toggle to right if you want to change status to arrived automatically. 
  • Save

Remove no show from calendar

After reservation status is changed to no-show, reservation can stay red (no-show status) from your calendar or will be removed automatically to accept new reservation.

Even, no-show reservation will be removed, it will remain in your statistic, reservation list and guest’s history and (optional) SMS message will be sent.

How to control no-show reservations:

  • Open user accounts and find option Remove “No shows” from calendar
  • Toggle to left if you want to show no-show reservations on the calendar.
  • Toggle to right if you want to remove no-show reservations from the calendar.
  • Save